Procrastinating…We All Do It

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To Procrastinate
Procrastination: pro•cras•ti•na•tion
Main Entry: pro•cras•ti•nate
transitive senses : to put off intentionally and habitually.
intransitive senses : to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done.

I have a very old dictionary that belonged to my Great Grandfather.  It weighs over 10 pounds and the pages are thin and yellowing.  However, the words in the book say exactly the same thing as I found online in the web version.  Procrastination is and always has been spelled the same way and means the same thing and each of us does it in one way or another some time in our life.

“National Procrastination Week” is actually a holiday week celebrating this familiar habit.  It is held the second week of March. Seriously!

Now that I have shared this trivia with you, I can tell you why I wrote My Life in a Box and how it can save you and your family thousands of dollars and unneeded stress.

To put it bluntly, you and each of your family members will encounter a natural disaster, tragedy, terminal illness, or death of a close friend or family member at some point in your life.

For some unknown reason, our culture in the United States will not face the reality that “stuff” happens, car accidents happen, home fires occur, and people die. Without being morbid, I would like to introduce a very simple plan that will allow you to put all of your personal and legal documents in one, orderly location so that when the time occurs, you will be prepared and not be a burden toy our family.

There are many things we put off doing because we’re busy and never get around to it.

My father was an educator.  He was great at using stories or small items for object lessons.  He use to keep a wooden disk about the size of a half dollar in his pocket.  The words printed on it said “Round Tuit”.  He enjoyed handing it to people, especially his students when they were late getting a lesson turned in or had no other excuse but they “didn’t get around to it”. Ha!

Procrastinating can have major consequences for our families.  For example… building your emergency tool box.

You have probably heard me say this or you have read it in my book My Life in a Box, but if there was an emergency and you had to leave your home could you…

  • Leave in 5 minutes with everything you need to rebuild your life?
  • Quickly locate all of your personal, legal, and financial documents?
  • Grab a “get away” bag with clothing and personal items for every member of the family (and the dog)?
  • Locate a backup for your computer files?

This is just a little reminder once again that it is better to start preparing, than face an emergency and be sorry that you procrastinated.

Buy the book…and build your emergency tool box NOW!

Laurie LongProcrastinating…We All Do It