Laurie Ecklund LongAbout the Author

Laurie Ecklund Long is an emergency specialist with over a decade of experience as an author and national speaker. Laurie provides a wealth of information relating to surviving natural disasters, terminal illness, family loss and elder issues.

Laurie learned many of her “survival skills” through the loss of 12 family members and close friends within a period of five years. During that time, and also through experiences related to 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina she began to investigate a variety of ways for individuals and businesses to face their losses and recover quickly. She created an emergency preparedness plan that allows people to build an emergency tool box so that within minutes of a home fire or disaster, they can leave their home with everything they need to rebuild their life.

As part of a family business, she realized that when a company faces a natural disaster, fire, vandalism or other emergencies, it is vital to have a recovery plan in place. Also, when employees experience a death or accidents within their family, the whole company may suffer through absenteeism if that employee is unprepared.

Along with her publications, Laurie’s personal emergency program is available on DVD and she is available for television and radio interviews. Watch Laurie here on Great Day with Kim and Kopi.

With optimism and common sense she motivates people to be prepared for whatever emergency they may encounter.

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