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Laurie Long has been introducing Personal Emergency Preparedness trainings since 2007 using stories of her own personal survival.  Now, her training is available in a 30 minute DVD with information on how to present My Life in a Box to small and large groups of adults.  The program helps individuals and families as they create an emergency tool box using Laurie’s book, My Life in a Box.  The use of this DVD is not meant for public broadcasting and must be used along with the book.  Books may be purchased separately in bulk for $4.00 using the coupon code MIL14 at checkout.

SKU: AGL1000


Plan your own emergency preparedness training using this workshop DVD and the book My Life in a Box.  Laurie goes through the book, tells stories, and helps people learn to build an emergency toolbox to help them be prepared for any type of family emergency or natural disaster.